Sea Eagle oppblåsbar båt med integrerte Scotty stangholdere, 204 kg lastekap. klargjort for motor.

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Sea Eagle



Om Sea Eagle rammeløs oppblåsbar fiskebåt:

Få stor fisk i denne forholdsvis lille, men dog så anvendelige båten! Fordi båten er så lett og manøvrerbar kommer du deg til alle steder der fisken står!

Den unike oppblåsbare konstruksjonen på denne fiskebåten for 1 person, tilbyr utrolig fleksibilitet, maksimal plass og minimal vekt i samme pakke. Båten har 3 separate kamre for maksimal sikkerhet og oppdrift i enhver situasjon.

Båten er perfekt for både fiskere og jegere, den får plass i bagasjerommet på en bil, settes opp på kun 5 minutter og bærer totalt 204kg!

About the Frameless Fishing Series

Sea Eagle´s Frameless Fishing Boats are roomy, lightweight, ultra-portable, and pack into a relatively small bag in relation to their sizes. They can be stowed in small spaces because they have no frames. They don´t require a trailer so you can carry them to the most remote, hard to reach locations where fish hide most!

Great for lakes, rivers, bays, creeks or almost any body of water. Sea Eagle Frameless Fishing Boats will take you where you want to go and where most other boats wouldn´t dare!

Large air chambers allow these Frameless Fishing Boats to support an incredible amount of weight yet draft as little as 4 inches of water. Meaning you have access to shallower waters where heavier boats don´t!

The 285fpb and STS10 are equipped with universal Scotty™ Mounts so you can customize these two models as you wish! Outfit them with any Scotty accessory you like. Sea Eagle offers an assortment of Scotty™ accessories to suit your needs. The PackFish 7 features 2 built-in rod holders to keep your rods secure.

Person Capacity 1
Hull Weight 14 kg. (19 kg. with wooden floorboard and motor mount)
Length 274 cm
Width 122 cm
Interior 1.88m x .41m
Load Capacity 1 person or 204.55 kg
Deflated Approx. 61 cm x 36 cm x 30 cm
Chambers 3 (port side, starboard side, rear)
Tube Diameter .41m
Air Valves 3 Recessed One Way
Inflation time 5 mins.
Seam Quadruple Overlapping Superior Glued Seams
Material 1000 Denier 36 mil
Engine Capacity 3hp (50.8 cm shaft minimum, 20 kg max weight) or 55 lb. max thrust (min 76.2 cm shaft, 20 kg max weight)
Floor 1000 Denier Reinforced
Speed Estimates 3-4 mph
Inflation Pressure



  • NMMA and CE Certified
  • Hunter Green Color
  • Full fabric floor
  • Step bench/footrest
  • 4 Carry Handles
  • Raised oarlocks for better rowing
  • Printed instructions

The Pro Package has the super comfortable swivel seat, floorboard, motor mount, a stripping apron, clip on stow pouch and side/stern bag, plus 2 Scotty® Rod Holders. Perfect for the fisherman that already has his own motor.